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We take ideas and mold them into the best-finished goods, bringing them to the shelves through a whole process of design, product development, and commercial production. We eliminate pain points for our clients, guiding them throughout the whole process via extensive support tailored to their expectations.

We serve as the nutraceutical development and commercial production partner of choice, dedicating our state-of-the-art laboratory to initial feasibility testing of concepts until they transform into the products our clients deserve.

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A dedicated scientific team and strong supply chain network ensure the quality of ingredients and the functional coating technologies for all products. Moreover, we evaluate and optimize product quality during the nutraceutical development process via extensive analytical capabilities.

By offering numerous customizable options for dosage forms, we address their specific requirements for ingredients, consumers, and applications seamlessly, thus positioning their brands for stable growth.

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We Specialize In Various Dosage Forms

Hard Capsules


Soft Gel




Sticks - Powder & Liquid

Regulatory Management

A team of regulatory experts is available throughout all processes to address any issues via comprehensive regulatory services. We offer clients complete scientific data to meet all regulatory requirements and assistance to register products in their respective countries.

Manufacturing Capacities


753,000 kg

Tablet Compression

134 Mn Tab


476,000 kg

Powder Stick

5.7 Mn Stick

Powder Sachet

3.3 Mn Sachet

Capsule Filling

147 Mn Cap

Blister Packing

7.3 Mn Blist

Case Packing

4.0 Mn Case

Liquid Manufacturing

16.0 Mn L

Liquid Bottle Filling

2.6 Mn bott

Liquid Stick Filling

4.3 Mn Stick

Soft Gelatine Capsule

14 Mill Cap


We design custom-made packaging for our global clients looking to outsource their packaging, keeping sustainability and end-user convenience at the forefront of our design philosophy.

Martin Dow Healthcare offers countless options for 100% recyclable packaging that is environmentally friendly and custom-made for nutraceutical companies to resonate with their end-users.

We are proudly sustainable, and the principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ is integral to our packaging values.

Pill Jars


Sticks - Powder & Liquid




Pots - Jars

Boxes / Cases

Liquid Shots

Doy Packs

Recyclable Packaging

Inventory Management

With inventory management, we keep our clients’ goods in the safest environment and maintain their optimal condition.

We manage inventory as per GDP (Goods Distribution Practice), following rigorous food safety and sanitation measures. A dedicated team thoroughly trained in storage and handling practices works tirelessly to protect nutraceuticals from spoilage and contamination.

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Frequent independent inspections ensure strict adherence to SOPs, while climate control storage facilities help to keep nutraceuticals at the peak freshness and safe from premature degradation.

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